ultimate management

An expert is someone who knows the weaknesses of the system.

»Knowledge management« fails consistently due to romanticized ideas of knowledge (and corresponding principal-agent problems).
As long as you don’t dare to call the child by its right name, attempts at improvement tend to only result in more of the same, albeit in ever new disguises.

With the increasing digitization of organizations, the focus has shifted progressively from knowledge to (supposedly less demanding) data, therefore trying to put the organization of the organization from its head to its feet.

But data management can be as problematic as knowledge management. Sometimes even more so.

So what’s the crucial starting point of data-focused organization and governance?

Data integration.

However, this can get even more complex than only-HR-based organization and therefore can pose considerable challenges, with a wide range of insufficient solution attempts:
On the one side, »integrated« standard software reaches the limits of its standards sooner rather than later, depending on the project investment you are willing to burn.
On the other side, trying to integrate non-standard data processing indirectly via its metadata will mostly remain incomplete, can also get very expensive and ultimately leads to new Rube Goldberg »meta«-organizations, with a tangle of new problems (and substantial profits for your agents).

But the fundamental integration problem can be solved simply and dominantly with vertically integrated network data structures. Effective solutions do not even require any metadata integration, because the data networks can be controlled immediately and dynamically.
Perfect solutions enable radically simple, loss- and collision-free control of dynamic data networks. Ultimately, there’s no more need for clowning around organizational design fads: Perfectly integrated data networks support any conceivable organizational design changes in real time and at no cost on system level.

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