Dr. Thomas R. Glueck

What influence does (qualitative) disinformation have on individuals and organisations? This was the center of my PhD research project in organizational management / organizational psychology with a strong cybernetics focus.

My studies with the emphasis on statistics, computer science and business informatics led me from software development to numerous assignments as project manager, including many system developments and organizational consulting projects.

My PhD thesis topic, however, seemed to have been well ahead of its time.
Due to the exponential developments in the field of knowledge- and data-driven organizations, it could receive growing interest. Therefore, I am translating some of my work successively and try to present them in a concise, more practical way now.
My early publications were aimed at a few, rather scientific specialists, and due to the empirical character of my basic research there was actually not much to discuss in an environment that thrives on discussion: it’s not easy to develop opinions on empirical phenomena, not to mention the actually somewhat off-limits content, depending on the application.
Ultimately, who dares to call (even discuss) the child by its right name?

So after 20 years of relevant professional experience I am trying to approach the topic again and to deal with it anew in the context of some of my recent projects and current developments.

Thus you will find a few examples of my work here (I also do some irregular blogging elsewhere). Under the menu entry »links« I have compiled a selection of older publications and presentations.

I always look forward to a personal exchange.

Thank you very much for your interest.