the ultimate taboo

»Yes, ›know‹! Men call it so, but then
Who dares to call the child by its right name?
The few who have some part of it descried,
Yet fools enough to guard not their full hearts, revealing
To riffraff both their insight and their feeling,
Men have of old burned at the stake and crucified.«

Some information will make you substantially blind.

Do you believe that knowledge is power? It makes you powerless more often than you think. Do you believe that information is basically good and useful? That is also a mistake.

There is nothing mysterious about disinformation, it is everywhere. The phenomenon of (Qualitative or) Passive Disinformation is a particularly fascinating form with far-reaching consequences: those affected (and there is hardly anyone who would not be in one way or another ) are not aware of this weakness.

It is therefore a starting point for the simplest and at the same time most effective form of exercising power – if you do not notice an influence, you cannot take any countermeasures.

My first book offers a simple, anecdotal and entertaining approach to a highly sensitive topic. Numerous examples illustrate THE basic weakness of human thinking.

(The book is currently available in German only; on the following pages I will give you some insights into the topic: it is a phenomenon with enormous implications)

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