disinformation & knowledge quality

some older short articles regarding my PhD studies:
thought parasites (text, 2 pages, DE and EN)
knowledge quality (text, 3 pages, EN)
disinformation & management (text, 2 pages, EN)
culture & competence (text, 2 pages, DE)
effect & effectivity (text, 2 pages, DE)
rationality & rationalization (text, 6 pages, DE)
qualitative ignorance (text, 6 pages, EN)
innovation (text, 3 pages, EN)

consulting & disruption

new consulting markets (text, 14 pages, EN and DE)
agile project governance (presentation, 15 pages, DE)
sense & nonsense of organizational development (presentation, 18 pages, DE)
disrupting consulting (presentation, 24 pages, DE)

digitalization & system development

sense & nonsense of digitalization (topic: bitcoin and blockchains; presentation, 50 pages, DE)
system development in organizations (presentation, 15 pages, DE)
risks & side effects of organizational brain surgery (presentation, 23 pages, DE)
ultimate organizational management (presentation, 28 pages, EN)

information security & encryption

pretty perfect privacy (simple, unbreakable encryption)
possibilities & limitations of information security management (text, 10 pages, DE)

cybernetics & organization

the organization of organizations (text, 16 pages, EN)
agile organizational design (text, 10 pages, DE)
integration of group management (text, 8 pages, DE)
how to reduce complexity without losing information (presentation, 19 pages, DE)
(not) failing to scale (text, 6 pages, EN and DE)
scaling simplicity (presentation, 24 pages, EN); full text introduction (blog, 3 pages, EN)